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Our Frost Publishing Company was founded in December 1999. The first book  published by Frost was  the Special Zeppelin Mail and Postcard Catalog mainly dedicated to Graf Zeppelin airships. In 2005, we issued the prize-winning Special Airship and Postcard Catalog, the first catalog of all airship flights from 1900 to 2004; from LZ-1 and Delag Zeppelins to Zeppelin NT; from USS Shenandoah to Skyship and Sentinel-1000. In 2008, we published Andrei Tarkovsky about His Film Art. This book received only positive reviews and is on the list of the academic film literature of the Department of Cinema and Media Studies, University of Chicago. Our next project, Media Culture: Art Communicatio Technology was published in February 2017.
In addition to publishing, we have thirty years experience in collecting, exhibiting and selling art. Our first art gallery was opened in 1992. Frost Gallery web-exhibition offers eclectic selection of artworks for sale from the Sixteenth Century Italian Renaissance to the leading artists of the Twentieth Century. The newly discovered Portrait of Venetian Official by Titian and the art of Irakli Parjiani, the leading artist of Georgia, are in our spotlight. 

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Frost Publishing and Frost Art Gallery. In case, you find something you would like to own, you can use the Paypal checkout or place an order by sending us an e-mail at If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. 

Frost Publishing 
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Frost Publishing issued several books for airship enthusiasts and historians. These books are out of print, but we still have several copies in our store. Please, visit the "Frost Out of Print" page to see and order these books. In 2008, we published Andrei Tarkovsky About His Film Art. More information about this book can be found on the "Tarkovsky" site. The site "Media Culture" is dedicated our 2017 publication, Media Culture: Art Communication Technology, by Vadim Moroz.
Frost Art Gallery 
We try to bring in the spotlight unusual artworks and interesting artists.  Please, visit our current web-exhibition at the Painting & Graphic site from the menu on the side bar.
The site Painting in the Spotlight is currently dedicated to the research on the Italian Renaissance painting,  Portrait of Venetian Official by Titian. We published an essay on Venetian art of the Sixteenth Century, painting techniques of Titian, and research on Portrait of Venetian Official.
The Graphic in the Spotlight is currently dedicated to the sixteenth century engraving art. We present the Soldier Overcome by Death, by Allaert Claesz (active 1520-1555). Claesz, influenced by Holbein, created a series of Dance of Death engravings. The Soldier fighting Death is recognized as his best artwork in this series. The "Dance of Death" was an important part of the sixteenth century European culture.
The site Artist in the Spotlight provides information about one of the greatest artists of the Republic of Georgia, Irakli Parjiani (1950 - 1991). His Berlin - period artworks created in Summer 1989 take a dominant place in our current web-gallery exhibition ["Painting & Graphic" site].
All inquiries and comments are welcome.
All presented artworks are authentic, therefore we provide detailed Cerification of Authenticity with each artwork .  



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