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Special Airship Mail and Postcard Catalog 2005



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Soft cover, 5.1/2" x 8.2/5"; 500 pages; b/w illustrations 

ISBN 0-9714982-3-7/ 9780971498235 

Price: $34.00 + S/H 

Listings of flights, flown mail, stamps, postal cards, photo postcards, flight confirmation marks, commemoration cachets, cancellations etc. The first complete airship catalog containing ALL German, American and British airship mail from 1900 to 2004, including complete flights and mail of DoX-1; DoX-2 and DoX-3. FLIGHTS; FLOWN MAIL and GUIDE for HISTORIANS & COLLECTORS!

Contents: GERMAN AIRSHIP MAIL: Pioneer Age of the Zeppelins; Delag Airships; Graf Zeppelin; Hindenburg; Graf Zeppelin II; Do-X.

GERMAN AIRSHIPS AFTER WW II: Underberg; Schwab; Musketier; G-Zepp; Fuji; AS-42; Stuttgart; Majestic; Bodensee II; D-Gefa; Vereinte; Lotte; Pestalozzi; Adler; Joey; Hellium Balloon "Graf Zeppelin"; NT "Friedrichshafen"; NT "Bodensee" ("Yokoso!Japan"); NT-3.

AMERICAN AIRSHIPS: Shenandoah; Los Angeles; Akron; Macon; Navy J-4; Army TC-13; XZC2G-1; ZPG-2; Sentinel 1000; Volunteer; Columbia; Reliance-1; Reliance-2; Enterprise; Resolute; Puritan; America; Heinen Air Yacht.

BRITISH AIRSHIP MAIL: R-34; R-100; AD-500; Cimarron; Skyship 600; Skyship 500-02; Europa; Spirit of Europe.

The Catalog contains all AMERICAN, BRITISH and NEW GERMAN AIRSHIPS from 1900 to 2004. Many of the cancellations and marks are shown in original size, which makes it easier for all Zeppelin, Airship and Do-x collectors & historians to read, identify and work with. The values are in US Dollars. All Frost Catalogs received awards by the American Philately Society and are a recognized help for Airship collectors & dealers, also received many positive feedback from Airship Experts.

Special Airship Mail And Postcard Catalog 2005 is the only catalog worldwide, in which the collectors and dealers will find the information about the flown mail of all airships from 1900 to 2004, including the complete DO-X mail. Not even "Sieger" and "Michel" have these airship flights listed!

AWARDED with the Silver medal at the National APS Exhibition 2005 in Grand Rapids, Michigan






Special Zeppelin Mail and Postcard Catalog 2001 



Soft Cover, 5.1/2" x 8.2/5", 125 pages, b/w illustrations, pulished May 2001

ISBN 0-9714982-2-9 / 9780971498228  

Price: $24.00 + S/H


Winner of the bronze medal at the National APS Exhinition 2001 in Chicago, IL and bronze medal winner at COLOPEX 2002, Columbus, OH.
Contents: Special Notice, Special Marks, Airship Designation, Vocabulary, The Zeppelin Airships of the German Army in WWI, The Zeppelin Airships of the German Navy in WWI, Postcards.
All German Zeppelin military airships are listed - 43 German Army airships and 68 German Navy airships (over 100 airships). Among the information provided are the Zeppelin Company number, Army and Navy number, the month and year of construction, the length, diameter, gas capacity, engines, fate of the airship, name of the captain, cover seal mark, postmarks and fieldpost marks. There is also a pricing guide on many of the items listed. There are numerous French, British and Russian postcards illustrated, many showing aerial combat, it also includes German cigarette cards.
An interesting catalog and price guide for Zeppelin or Air Mail collectors and Historians.

Special Offer: 
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Both catalogs together for only $46.00 + S/H 
With the Graf Zeppelin to South America: Diary of the Round Trip 1931
WITH THE ZEPPELIN TO SOUTH AMERICA, Diary of the Round Trip 1931
by Carl Bruer
Illustrated with drawings and photographs by the author 


Two versions  original German and English translation in one volume. The volume also includes reproductions of original Graf Zeppelin South American Flights' postmarks 1930-37






 Soft Cover, 200 pages, b/w illustrations, 5.1/2" x 8.2/5", Pub. Date: March 2002 

ISBN 0-9714982-1-0 / 9780971498211
 Price: $34.00 + S/H
WINNER of the bronze medal at the National APS Show in Atlantic City, NJ in August 2002 
CONTENTS: To Friedrichshafen (p.5) Take-off & Departure (p.7) Over the Mediterranean Sea and Spain (p.9) Over West Africa and the Atlantic (p.16) Over the Cape Verde Islands and Atlantic (p.20) Over Brazil, Fernando de Noronha, & Arrival in Pernambuco (p.28) Landing (p.31) Pernambuco (p.33) Trips to Olinda & Area (p.39) Further Trips to the Inner Country & the Beach (p.44) Departure from Pernambuco (p.55) Over the Atlantic Ocean (p.56) Over the Clouds (p.58) Madeira (p.62) Portugal-Spain (p.67) Over the Bay of Biscay (p.70) France & Arrival (p.71)
Bruer's book is based on his diary entries and photographs made during the flight. The manuscript was finished in November 1931 but has never been published until now. This wonderful rare flight adventure book was written by a man, who was in fact on board the Graf Zeppelin. Publisher included both, English and German texts, illustrated mostly by the author's photographs and drawings. Furthermore all postmarks used on the mail, delivered via airships Graf Zeppelin and Hindenburg, to South America in 1930 - 1937 are listed in this book.


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