Dance of Death, after Holbein, Allaert Claesz (1520-1550)

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Soldier Overcome by Death, Dance of Death, by Allaert Claesz

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Allaert Claesz, (Aertgen van Leyden?), Soldier Overcome by Death, Flemish,  1520s-50s, after Jacob Binck, engraving on paper, signed with  monogram “AC” on a tablet at upper right corner, some staining, reduced at the margins, mostly left side and bottom. [price on request]


Bibliographic reference: 

Hollstein, 162;

Bartsch IX,135-39

Douce, 1833, 190


This print belongs to the series of Dance of Death by Allaert Claesz, influenced by Holbein. However, Francis Douce [1833], separates this print from the other prints of this series created by Claesz. He lists seven Dance of Death prints which have “156Z” engraved in the monogram (160-61, 1833). Douce interprets this as the date of creation “1562.” The undated Soldier Overcome by Death is described by Douce separately on page 190 [“terrific print”].  The contemporary experts question the interpretation of the “156Z” in the monogram as the year of creation. According to the new research, Allaert Claesz was active 1520-1550s.


Several Dance of Death engravings by Claesz can be found in different museum collections. Soldier Overcome by Death appears to be the rarest artwork in this series. We could located only two other copies. One of them is located in the British Museum, London [registration number: 1850,0612.399]. Another copy is owned by  the Harvard Art Museum. The British Museum suggests the date of creation 1520-1550.  Harvard Art Museum does not provide estimated date of creation but notes that Allaert Claesz was active 1520-1555.