Irakli Parjiani (1950-1991), Republic of Georgia

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Irakli Parjiani, Artist in the Spotlight

Art Gallery:  Paintings & Graphic page offers an eclectic exhibition from Italian Renaissance to the Art of Georgia. In the spotlight are The Portrait of Venetian Official by Titian and Berlin Period artworks by Irakli Parjiani, Republic of Georgia.
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Artist in the Spotlight: 


Irakli Parjiani

(1950 - 1991) 

Irakli Parjiani (1950-1991) is considered one of the greatest Georgian artists of the Twentieth Century. Even in 2010s, twenty years after his death, the young generation of Georgian artists and art historian consider Irakli Parjiani among the most influential artists of the Republic of Georgia.






Georgia, water color, pencils on paper. [photo credit: Frost Art Gallery]


In 1970s – 80s, when Georgia was part of the Soviet Union, where the Socialist Realism was the only art style permitted and endorsed in the Soviet art schools and society, Irakli Parjiani developed his own ‘modernist’ style, which was considered to be a Soviet Nonconformism, an art outside of official Soviet norms and regulation.  However, the full extend of Parjiani’s legacy became clear in the early 1990s.  In 1992, the State of Georgia commemorated him postmortem by granting the National Award of the Republic of Georgia. In 1996, Georgia commemorated Irakli by granting him the Pirosmani Award. Irakli’s artworks are present in several museums collections and have a prestigious place in the National Gallery of Georgia, Tbilisi.


Irakli Parjiani adapted Georgian cultural heritage and transformed it into the contemporary art, thus leading the Georgian national art into the twenty-first century. “His art responds to the cardinal problem of the 20th century - the interrelationship of the new and the old or in other words, of tradition and innovation and by its harmony, closeness to nature and to emotional explores the yet unexhausted opportunities of real painting. [Wiki, accessed 27 Oct. 20013]
irakli parjiani annonciation.jpg 
Irakli Parjiani, Baptism of Christ, mixed media on paper [photo credit Frost Art Gallery]  SOLD
In May 1989, Irakli Parjiani was invited to West Berlin, Germany to create large paintings for his Berlin exhibition. The cultural metropolis with over ten thousand registered professional artists gave Irakli new artistic impulses. For the first time in his life, he felt to be completely free. This Berlin period is considered to be the climax of his art. Unfortunately, Irakli’s stay in Berlin was cut short, because of worsening of his tuberculosis. By the end of 1989, he had to return to Georgia, where he died two years later.
Irakli Parjiani worked in different mediums, pencil, water color, oil and acrylic. However, his favorite medium was the self-made wax paint. The wax paint preserves colors and has a high level of sustainability. The ancient Greek wax paintings and thousand years old wax-painted icons still preserve their high quality of colors. Irakli made a wax-paint by melting wax, additional unknown substances and pigments in the pan on the stove. His wax-painted artworks are recognizable by their vivid luster colors.     
The artworks presented by the Frost Art Gallery belong to Irakli Parjiani’s Berlin period. They were acquired directly in his workshop in summer 1989.  
irakli3a.jpg   Irakli Parjiani, Bottles, wax paint,  [photo credit Frost Art Gallery]  
irakli parjiani2b.jpgIrakli Parjiani, Still Life, wax paint on paper [photo credit Frost Art Gallery] 
irakli parjiani 1b.jpgIrakli Parjiani, Still Life, wax paint on paper [photo credit Frost Art Gallery]
 Irakli Parjiani 
1950, 22 May – was born in Mestia, Svaneti, Georgia
!967 – Finished the public school in Mestia.
1968-74 – Studied at the School of Painting and Drawing of the Academy of Arts of Georgia.

1976 – 1991 – Freelance artist
1991, 23 December – Died, is buried at the Digomi cemetery,Tbilisi.



Irakli Parjiani, Odysseus, The Edge of Earth, acrylic on paper [photo credit Frost Art Gallery] 



2011 - Solo exhibition, the Annunciation, Tsinandali;

2011 - Solo exhibition, “Berlin Cycle”, “Odyssey”, “Children’s Bible”, New Gallery, Tbilisi

2010 – Solo exhibition, Baia Gallery, Tbilisi;

2009–  Solo exhibition and presentation of a catalogue, Hobby Gallery, Tbilisi;

2006 - Solo exhibition, TMS Art Gallery; Tbilisi;

2002 - Solo exhibition, “Unknown Picture,” Hobby Gallery, Tbilisi;  2000 - Group exhibition, Gallery of Modern Art, Tbilisi;

2000 - Jubilee exhibitions, simultaneously in 5 galleries:
            Solo exhibition, Photo archives, “Old Gallery”, Tbilisi;
            Solo exhibition, Illustrations, “N”, Gallery, Tbilisi;
            Solo exhibition, Abstraction, TMS Art Gallery, Tbilisi;
            Solo exhibition, Berlin Cycle, National Gallery, Tbilisi;
            Solo exhibition, Graphic Cycle, Gallery “Chardin”, Tbilisi;
2000 - Exhibition of Georgian Artists in Pirmassen, Germany;

1998 - Solo exhibition, Gregory university, Rome, Italy;

            Solo exhibition, National Gallery, Tbilisi;           

            Solo exhibition from private collections, Old Gallery, Tbilisi;

1997 - Solo exhibition, from private collections, “Old Gallery”, Tbilisi;
            Solo exhibition, Still-Life, “Old Gallery”, Tbilisi;
            Solo exhibition, Illustrations, “Old Gallery”, Tbilisi;
            Group exhibition, Gallery of Modern Art, Tbilisi;
1996 -  Solo exhibition, Gallery “Vacha”, Tbilisi;
             Chapelle de la Sorbonne, Paris, France;
             Solo exhibition, TMS Art Gallery, Tbilisi;

1995 -  Solo exhibition, Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland;
             Solo exhibition, Gallery of Modern arts, Tbilisi;
             Solo exhibition, TMS Art Gallery, Tbilisi;
 1990 - “From Pirosmani to the Avanguard”, Gallery “Broc”, Barcelona;

             "Three Painters” exhibition, Berlin, Germany

1987 - “Exhibition of the Generations”, Painters’ House, Tbilisi;            

            Gallery “Empedoclo Resstivo,” Palermo, Italy;

1986 -  Retrospective of Georgian Art, Central House of Painters, Moscow

1980 - 88 Several Exhibitions in Moscow, Russia

1979 - 85 Several Exhibitions in Leningrad / St. Petersburg, Russia



 Irakli Parjiani, Movement, acrylic on cardboard [photo credit Frost Art Gallery] 


 Irakli Parjiani artworks in museum collections: 

Georgian State Museum, Tbilisi

Georgian National Gallery, Tbilisi

Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow, Russia

Tretiakov Gallery, Moscow

Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, Russia

and in many private collections


1992 - State Award of the Republic of Georgia;
1996 - Niko Pirosmani Prize.



Irakli Parjiani, Nude, sepia on paper [photo credit Frost Art Gallery]